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Version 1.0.3
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With the release of preview v1.19.1216 a number of changes have been made, issues have been fixed, and new features have been implemented. This is the last public preview version before Aurora v1.0 will be released.

Equipment Page

A new equipment page has been added to the character sheet. This will feature a list of items (40), magic items (20), and valuables (10), a sidebar for descriptions of attuned magic items, items with custom notes, or any item description you want to display, and a section for items to be stored (2 storage locations) that doesn’t count towards your carrying weight. The page also includes the additional treasure section and a small section for quest items and trinkets (which can be set from the equipment tab).

If you have more than 20 magic items and/or more than 10 valuables, the remaining items will be show in the adventuring gear list if there is room.

Equipped and attuned items are shows inside brackets. [Longsword]

When you edit the item details from the inventory you can change the name of the item, add notes (that will override the default description when shown in the sidebar), increase or decrease the amount if the items on a stackable item such as potions or ammunition. You can also toggle on/off wether the item itself should be displayed in the inventory on the sheet and if the description/notes should be displayed in the sidebar.

Inventory Section
Item Storage Locations

You can store items in a storage location (2 available) from the new inventory tab. You can name these locations and items stored will be excluded from counting towards your carried weight.

When you have an item in your inventory selected you can store it by using one of the two buttons at the top. By default the storage locations are named #1 and #2. Use the ‘Manage Storage’ button to rename them and retrieve previously stored items as well as move an item from one storage location to the other.

Storage Locations on Character Sheet
Additional Categories

A number of new categories have been added to the bottom of the equipment categories that allow you to add extra things to your character. While these things are currently added through the equipment section they will not be included in your inventory on the character sheet (unless you want them to).
The following things can be added to your character from these categories:

  • Languages
  • Proficiencies (armor, weapons, skills, saving throws, tools)
  • Ability Score Increases
  • Feats
  • Spells (generic for non spellcasting classes)
  • Spells based on active spellcasting class (e.g. Wizard, Warlock, Arcane Trickster, etc) but not limited to the spelllist of the class
  • Feature (currently includes the option to select a companion or a familiar – still limited to 1)

Once you add them to your inventory you can equip them to ‘enable’ them. These additional items are also generated for your homebrew content.

  • Fixed issue selecting ability score increases on classes with a space in their name (e.g. Blood Hunter) this change will require you to select them again on existing characters using a class like this.
  • Fixed issue with multiple/combined feats such as magic initiate and ritual caster
  • Fixed issue where multiclass spell slots were not reflected on the sheet
  • Fixed issue that prevented the inventory to recalculate carried weight
  • Fixed issue when disabling official source also disabled content from the core rules
  • Fixed issue where description panel background did not reflect application theme on startup
  • Changed the text of the level up button to level up & hp for visual indication and when creating a new character the average hp option is disabled by default
  • Moved character options back next to the level up button for now
  • Disallow user.index being added through the UI, when creating personal index files it’s recommended to use a unique filename such as ‘user-yourname.index’ – (user folder was already excluded from some actions before)
  • Abbreviate Unearthed Arcana: and Adventurers League: source names in selection pickers to UA: and AL:. (customizable from source element in the future)
  • Merged the Guild Insignia category to the ‘Adventuring Gear’ category
  • The base ability score maximum of 18 no longer enforced and increased to 30, the default maximum of 20 is still in place, but can be disabled from the settings
  • Moved content from the extra life events into the supplements
  • Added telemetry to analyze application crashes and behavior
  • Added news feed for articles from the website to the start page of the builder. You can view the article in your browser and/or dismiss the notification.
  • Added a notes tab with two columns in manage character. When used a 2-column notes page will be added to the character sheet
  • Added Kensei weapon selections from the official source materials .
  • Added a number of humanoid options for the favored enemies of the ranger class from the official source materials.
  • Added a new category for Treasure. This includes a number of gemstones and art object from the dungeon master’s guide and will be displayed with their monetary value in the valuables section on the equipment page.
  • Added a new category for Spell Scrolls that contains individual stackable spell scrolls for all spells available. (you search for a spell using the name, level, school, casting time, etc)
  • Added a new category for Supernatural Gifts that includes Blessings, Charms, and Epic Boons.
  • Added indication to mark a source as incomplete and to mark a source for having additional information in the description.
  • Added the Royalty spell component. (used in some spells from the Acquisitions Incorporated source)
  • Added the option to display an addition to the magic school of a spell.
  • Added noticeable reference blocks to spells or items to certain descriptions (e.g. Spell Scrolls, Artificer Infusions, Supernatural Gifts, etc).
  • With the new equipment page the old equipment block on the character sheet (details page) will be used for racial traits for now. This will give a little more room for features.
  • Added familiar selection for the warlock (Pact of the Chain), including imp, quasit, and others. Any character can add a familiar using the ‘Additional Feature’ category in Equipment (limited to 1).
  • Added a separate inventory tab. Current inventory section at the bottom of the equipment section is still available but will be removed at a later date.
  • Added a short description of benefits (proficiency, languages) you get when selecting a background.
  • Added +/- buttons to the details window of stackable items to adjust the amount.
  • Added missing basic spellcasting statistics for str/dex/con.
  • Added an excludeEncumbrance attribute for items, set to true if you don’t want this item to be included in the calculation for carried weight (vehicles, mounts etc) <set name="weight" lb="600" excludeEncumbrance="true">600 lb.</set>
  • Added a button in the sources tab to view content from selected source in the compendium.
  • Added option to hide (homebrew) elements from the compendium that have no added value being there. Use <compendium display="false" /> on an element.
  • A significant number of changes to content have been made to update description, fix values, and add missing content.
  • Added class progression tables to the description (excluding proficiency progress due to space limitation)
  • Changes existing language selections to allow for a selection of standard and exotic languages by default. This might cause some existing selections to be de-selected.
  • Added Thieves’ Cant as (Secret) language similar to the Druidic language.
  • Features such as Powerful Build will now calculate your capacity as being one size larger.
  • Cost and Weight setters in magic item elements now override the setters for the base item. (use a cost setter of 0 on a magic weapon/armor, and leave out the weight setter if you don’t want to override the weight of the base item – see examples from DMG)
  • You can ignore a content file to prevent it from being loaded using the ignore attribute on the root element: <elements ignore="true">