This update has a few minor issues fixed but is basically marking the application as version 1.0 and removing the preview tags. The application has been in preview for quite some time, a lot longer than I originally planned. I wanted to wait until I had time to move it to the new domain which I obtained in 2018. Everything just took a lot longer than expected.

It’s a goal I’ve been working towards for the past five years and I’d never thought it would get this far. The application has around 10K active monthly users, so thank you to all those who use the application and a special thanks to all those who support the project or have done in the past.

Note: I won’t show the update notice in the latest preview yet since you don’t have to upgrade right away, there are also no required changes to content files. Install the new version when you want to.

Future Updates

As a reminder to everyone in case you’re a new user or if you’ve missed the What’s Next article; you should not expect new updates to the character builder in the (near) future. The note about me expecting not to be able to spent the same amount of time as I have done in the past turned out the be an understatement.

I have started a new job and the process of rewriting the application as I had intended is not a reachable goal right now. As mentioned before, updates to (official) content files, and adding new (official) content is for the most part not affected by this since it usually doesn’t take too much time and effort compared with developing the software itself.

Download Aurora Setup

Version 1.0.3
Download (76Mb)
Content Notice

When using the application, be sure to include the core (required!) and supplements index files, include the unearthed-arcana for some extra playtest material, and for extra content from third-party sources you can include the third-party index. You can find more information about them here.

Note: When you’re already including the supplements and have not added the core index, be sure to go back and also include the core index which contains the complete content from core rules.

With the release of Aurora v1.0 a few minor issues have been fixed.

  • fixed hidden scrollbar on character collection
  • fixed companion passive perception overriding character passive perception on the character sheet
  • fixed incorrect calculation on amount of prepared spells when preparing a spell that was given but not marked as always prepared
  • fixed unable to un-prepare a spell for a class after switching from another class that had that spells as an always prepared spell
  • fixed failing requirements check for multiclassing on ASI change
  • fixed thieves can’t not being loaded from SRD content
  • fixed companion sheet descriptions for saving throws, resistance, immunities, and vulnerabilities
  • fixed companion sheet traits and actions with formatting turned off
  • removed notions of preview
  • included indicator on the “out of the box” core sources marking them as incomplete and added additional information
  • included a temporary notice when adding supplements index without core index
  • allow encoded element description to be nested in an <html> tag
  • added context menu to sources that allows to toggle sources from the same author, and toggle multiple selected source at once
Windows 7 Notice

As a side note, while Aurora 1.0 is supported, with the recent end of life status I cannot guarantee possible future version will be supported on Windows 7. You can always keep a copy of the 1.0 1.0.2 setup and content files to make sure you have them for the future, no one can take those away from you when you do!