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Continuing our series of new D&D subclasses in 2020, Unearthed Arcana presents three more for you to playtest: the Armorer for the artificer, the Circle of the Stars for the druid, and the Fey Wanderer for the ranger. Today’s article also includes some new infusions for the artificer.

Unearthed Arcana: Subclasses, Part 3
  • Armorer (Artificer Specialist) + 5 new Artificer Infusions
  • Circle of the Stars (Druid Circle)
  • Fey Wanderer (Ranger Archetype)
  • The items that can be created by the Artificer Infusions
  • Power Armor, Guardian Power Armor, Infiltrator Power Armor, Perfected Guardian Power Armor, Perfected Infiltrator Power Armor (The power armor for the Armorer can be added and equipped the same way any magic armor can.)
  • Star Map (Spellcasting Focus)