With the upcoming release of version 1.0 I am looking to refresh the logo for the character builder to replace the old logo used in preview versions.

The logo will be used as the application logo and on the website.

While I could come up with something, I am far from a designer. So here’s hoping some of you using Aurora are proficient in graphic design and want to take a stab at creating a logo!

What I (think) am looking for:

  • Something round or hexagon shaped (looks like a d20)
  • Something with different colors (or gradient) to reflect the name Aurora
  • Perhaps a blending of a logo and the shape of the letter A (see 3rd example)
  • Something that works on a small scale (e.g. favicon (website icon), desktop/file/taskbar icon), details might get lost at small scale
  • Something that works on a large scale (e.g. website)
  • Vector
  • Surprise me, I’m not a designer, I don’t know what I want until I see it

Some Inspiration for Direction

When you’ve created a logo, concept, or want to send me some example of what it could look like from a portfolio, you can send me a email at info@aurorabuilder.com or send me a private message on the discord server.

I’ll (hopefully) be looking at some possible candidates for the new logo in a few weeks. Don’t rush yourself and when you want to send me a message you’re thinking of making a logo, please do not hesitate. It would be nice to know.

Thank you!