In this brief documentation you will find details that can help you to create your own content files. Also, you’ll have the existing content in the provided repository as a solid reference for creating content.

Text Editor

There are no specific content tools available to create files, so in order to create or modify content files you will need to use a third-party editor. I recommend you use Visual Studio Code which is lightweight, free, and has a number of useful extensions available. I also recommend you install the ‘XML Tools’ and the ‘Aurora Snippets’ extensions which can help you to create your files. When you’re already familiar with another (plain text) editor, by all means, stick with it as the result will be the same.

Quick Sample

In this sample we will create a file that loads an extra sub race for the existing Dwarf race. The goal here is to create something from scratch that is small, simple, and have it show up in the list of sub races after you select the Dwarf race. This way you’ll know you created the file correct and placed it in the correct folder.

When you want to add a custom element to the builder you first have to create an XML file (.xml) that you have to copy to the custom folder located in your documents folder inside \5e Character Builder\custom\user.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

  <element name="Example Dwarf" type="Sub Race" source="Aurora: Examples" id="ID_EXAMPLE_SUBRACE_EXAMPLE_DWARF">
      <p>A description of the example dwarf.</p>
      <p class="indent"><strong><em>Ability Score Increase.</em></strong> Your Strength score increases by 2.</p>
      <stat name="strength" value="2" />      


Create a new file with the .xml extension and paste in the text from the code block. Save the file to your custom\user folder and restart Aurora. The new sub race should now be loaded and selectable as a sub race once you select the dwarven race.

You can place as many elements as you want between the opening <elements> tag and the closing </elements> tag.

Documentation Topics

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