While the Aurora content repository is focusing mainly on official content it does provide certain third-party sources, and homebrew collections. That being said, there is too much homebrew content out there to possibly include in the repository. Managing the endless flow of content is having a too great impact on the productivity on the actual project itself.

In order to keep the content repository maintainable the focus will shift towards a more curated collection with limited sources. While other homebrew sources can be managed by the community. This way the majority of available time (which is limited) can be spent on the character builder and other future tools.

Introducing Community Driven Content

Anyone who wants to manage a repository of additional content from a certain third-party / homebrew source is welcome to do so. This way not all content needs to go through the developer of the project but can be managed by the community directly. The community can create the it, test it, and provide feedback, all without having to involve the developer.

You can send an email if you’re interested in managing a repository for a specific source and have it featured in the list on the website.

Check out the full section on Community Driven Content fore more information as well as a community content list.

Also, when community content from certain sources is completed over time and unlikely to change (much like the official content) it might be included in the main repository once it is used and tested.

Repository Content

The repository will contain the official core rules, supplements, as well as most of the playtest material released through the Unearthed Arcana articles. (some playtest rules might differ from the core rules and require changes to the software, these might not be included or added at a later date with low priority)

The additional content will for example include content from the DMsGuild which is already curated in one way or another, up to certain standards, and changes are often documented. The content here is also often a collection of content instead of a single background or item. Once changes are being implemented more details will be available.

When some of the current content (that isn’t in this scope) gets moved to community driven content it will be made clear in a post with links to the content. Out of scope content that is currently in the repository that doesn’t get picked up over time will be archived, available for download, and excluded from the main repository.